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Kate Marsh

Kate Marsh

Specialist Training: 

At Discovery Family Therapy, our priority is to provide you with personalized care to help you achieve your goals. Our team includes experts in various areas, such as teen counseling, family conflict resolution, couple counseling, and adult counseling. With our guidance, you can learn healthy ways to improve your relationships and navigate through challenging times.

My Story

My favourite thing about being a counsellor:

I have always been interested in psychology and nurturing young people's minds through play, nature and creativity.  I have several years of experience teaching pre-kindy to year three children in a creative and child-centred classroom.  

My studies and interests have now brought me to the world of counselling!

What is unique about me as a counsellor?

I am very open-minded and willing to adapt my approach to suit each relationship, drawing on my previous experience and skill set.  My main aim is to make everyone in the room comfortable and relaxed!

What are my goals?

My goal is to provide a supportive and calm space to build relationships and learn from my clients.


Most impressive Achievements?

Surviving family life with three children and many pets. Surviving my children’s teenage years will be my ultimate achievement!

One quirky fact about me?

My house is usually a chaotic mess of creative projects!

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