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Walk & Talk Therapy

Walk and talk counselling is typically done outdoors at the Applecross foreshore or near the beach. The natural environment provides a therapeutic space to process life's struggles. There are no couches or chairs, far from the confines of the traditional therapy room.

Walk and Talk Counselling

Why is walk-and-talk therapy so beneficial?

Mindfulness-based walk-and-talk therapy provides a unique opportunity to practice being in the moment while working through concerns.  You and your therapist walk together while conversing and processing current struggles.  

The rhythmic nature of walking provides a soothing, predictable, and comforting context from which to move into more profound work outside the therapy room's confinements.

The motor cortex becomes activated with the movement of your legs and arms – this stimulation provides communication between your brain hemispheres, which acts on a neurological level to assist in processing trauma.  This activation is similar to the rapid eye movement in sleep, which is believed to be extensively involved in processing emotional and cognitive content.

Anxiety and stress activate the sympathetic nervous system – your fight and flight response.  Walking and movement help to decrease the sympathetic nervous system response, essentially reducing stress on a physical level.

Benefits include:-

  • boosting mood and the immune system

  • stabilising blood pressure

  • reducing stress and anxiety

  • enhancing sleep

  • improving focus and creativity

  • engaging 'rest/digest' parasympathetic nervous system (suppressing sympathetic 'fight/flight)

  • fighting depression symptoms

Mental health is more than just the mind; it is the meeting of mind, body and soul, and outdoor therapy offers an alternative way to incorporate all three.

We offer walk-and-talk therapy at the Applecross foreshore and beach areas. Walk and talk therapy needs to be pre-booked at a preselected location. 

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