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Divorce and Separation

Divorce and Separation counselling give each family member a space to be heard during this difficult time.  

Bringing families together to develop a plan for their children. Ensuring children's voices are heard and their needs are met.

At Discovery Family Therapy, we understand that divorce and separation can be challenging for everyone involved.

Our compassionate approach centers around the children’s voices, creating a safe space for them to express their feelings and concerns.

What We Offer:

  • Child-Centered Focus: 
    We prioritise the well-being of your little ones. Through play therapy and age-appropriate conversations, we help children navigate their emotions during this transition.

  • Supportive Co-Parenting: 
    We guide parents in developing effective communication and collaboration strategies. Together, we create plans that prioritise the children’s needs.

  • Emotional Resilience: 
    Our therapeutic interventions empower families to cope with grief, loss, and change. We believe in fostering resilience and growth.

  • Positive Behavior Interventions: 
    We equip parents with tools to reinforce positive behaviors and manage challenges effectively.

Nadia Kidgell, Principal Counsellor

Nadia specialises in working with children and families dealing with divorce, separation, family conflict, trauma, and grief.
Her commitment to mental health support ensures that no one faces these struggles alone.
Nadia’s unique blend of empathy and expertise creates a healing environment for families.

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