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Family Counselling Perth

Our clinical team at Discovery Family Therapy has extensive experience in family therapy, couple therapy, counselling children, teens and adults. We specialize in treating a wide spectrum of concerns, including trauma, grief and loss, anxiety, depression, parenting concerns, ADHD, Autism, and behavior support. We create a safe and non-judgemental space where clients can feel comfortable exploring difficult emotions and relationships. Our goal is to provide guidance and support to individuals, couples and families seeking to thrive in their lives together.

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Children and Teens

Our team of licensed therapists provide counselling for a wide range of concerns, including anxiety, autism, ADHD, social struggles, gender and body image, eating issues, and relationship difficulties.

Our sessions are designed to help children and teens feel relaxed and engaged, allowing them to work through their challenges at their own pace. We also offer support and guidance for parents, as we believe that the family is an essential factor in a child's growth and development.


Couples Counselling

Relationships require effort, understanding, and effective communication. Our counselling sessions help couples strengthen their bond, improve communication, and resolve conflicts. Our therapists specialize in addressing relationship challenges, such as trust issues, intimacy problems, and parenting conflicts. Through our supportive and non-judgmental approach, we aim to help couples build healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

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Family Counselling

Family dynamics can be complex, and conflicts can arise at any stage of life. Our family counseling services focus on fostering understanding, improving communication, and promoting harmony within the family unit. Whether you are dealing with parenting challenges, sibling rivalry, or blended family issues, our experienced therapists will guide your family towards positive change and stronger connections. We believe that every family deserves the opportunity to thrive and grow together.

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Discovery Family Therapy works in partnership with selected services.

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