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Relationship Counselling

As we navigate through our lives, our experiences change us. People may change their careers, values and interests and grow as individuals. If partners struggle to adapt to these changes, we often see increased conflict and misunderstanding.

Forming a solid relationship can empower clients to delve deeper into the issues they may be facing and 'open up' emotionally

Our experiences change us as we navigate through our lives. People may change their careers, values, and interests and grow as individuals. If partners struggle to adapt to these changes, we often find increased conflict and misunderstanding. 

Couples may have experienced a significant life event and find it difficult to reconnect with each other.


Our counsellors provide a supportive and non-judgmental environment to assist our clients in understanding the contributions to relationship breakdowns and creating supportive strategies to work through them.


Relationship counselling focuses on all relationships, including couples, families and marriage.


Who Should Attend Couple Counselling:

Some indications that you may need to reach out may be:


  • If you find yourself easily annoyed at your partner

  • There is a loss of intimacy

  • You start to dislike their habits

  • Arguments escalate quickly and can blow out of proportion

  • You are not on the same page

  • You feel like you've grown apart

  • You're experiencing problems with sex and intimacy

  • It feels like you're more housemates than lovers

  • You don't trust your partner


If left unresolved, these issues can lead to further frustration and conflict between partners.


Many couples also attend pre-marriage counselling to learn about each other and prevent future conflict.


How Does Couple Counselling Work:

The aim of relationship or couple counselling is to identify the couple's goals and patterns of conflict and find ways of communicating and supporting each other.
Couples have a space to reflect on their thoughts and feelings. Couple counselling allows individuals to understand their and their partners' experiences better.

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