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Play Therapy


Our Counsellors are trained to address the full range of problems and difficulties experienced by children from trauma, to diagnosis concerns and everything in between.

Play Therapy

Play Therapy and Counselling

Play therapy is evidence-based, a client-centred treatment used to treat people of all ages. Predominantly used with children aged 5-12, however, evidence has shown that play therapy is effective for individuals with mild dementia, chronic illnesses, and developmental delay in palliative care.

Play Therapy for Children:
Children are capable of experiencing big feelings. Their ability to verbalise their feelings and needs doesn't match their vocabulary capabilities. Play therapy is an outlet of expression through verbal and non-verbal communication, allowing children to understand their world.
During play therapy, toys are tools that your child uses in place of vocabulary. Our therapists are trained to identify deficits in social or emotional abilities and help your child learn how to adapt to new situations.
What does Play Therapy assist with?
  • Facing medical procedures, chronic illness, or palliative care

  • Family disruption or separation

  • Crisis and trauma

  • Domestic violence

  • Abuse or neglect

  • Developmental delay or learning disabilities

  • Aggressive or angry behaviour

  • Problem behaviours in school

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Grief and loss

  • Eating and toileting disorders

  • 2e Twice Exceptional

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Can we have a family session?

Family sessions offer a space where multiple family members can engage in group therapy. Participants have a chance to understand each other's points of view, create goals and find ways of supporting each other.

3 Tiered Approach

Therapy is more effective when consistent support is provided in all areas of a young person's life. While providing child-centred treatment to young people, we work with their grown-ups to discover strategies they can implement at home to support their young person better. At Discovery Family Therapy, we collaborate with an Educational Coach and work with schools to advocate for young people, communicating their needs and the best supportive practices.

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