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Employee Assistance Program EAP

An employee assistance program plays a crucial role in providing emotional, mental, and general counselling to employees.

Counselling for Employees

Employee assistance programs provide employees with emotional, mental, and general counselling.

Flexibility and choice are essential to make a meaningful difference when everyone's experiences are unique.

The well-being and mental health of employees is paramount to productivity. That’s why our Employment Assistance Program provides confidential counselling services that are free to the employee. Organized by employers, our program gives employees access to professional mental health services to help them manage their personal and work-related stressors.

Therapeutic Services Provided in EAP:

Our experienced Counsellors provide counselling services that include:

  • Individual Therapy - for the employee only

  • Relationship Counselling - for the employee and their partner

  • Divorce and Separation - for the employee and/their partner

  • Family Counselling - for the employees and their family members

  • Conflict Resolution - for the employee and another individual

  • Grief and loss - for the employee and their family. 

How Long Does EAP Last?

Discovery Family Therapy and the employer will decide on an allocated number of counselling sessions that the employer will pay for on behalf of their employees. This can be anywhere between 2 and 10 sessions per year depending on the company that you work for and their allocated budget.

In certain circumstances, and when an employee has experienced a traumatic life event, employers may offer their client counselling sessions, allowing the employee to work through their struggles. 

How Much  Does EAP Cost the Employer

Discovery Family Therapy works on a Pay-as-go therapy service ensuring that the organisation is only billed when therapy services are used. This ensures that we work within your budget and your organisation's needs. 

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