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At Discovery Family Therapy, we believe in nurturing families' well-being through a journey of self-discovery and growth. Our workshops and programs are thoughtfully designed to cater to children, teens, and parents' unique needs, fostering an environment where every family member can thrive.

The Discovery School Program:


This 16-week program is run at primary schools and delivered in small groups. Using age-appropriate play therapy, this program is both fun and informative. With no more than four children per group, children learn how to:

  • Understand and regulate their emotions

  • Challenge negative thinking

  • Learn about friendships and build anti-bullying strategies

  • Learn mindfulness

  • Understand anxiety

  • Journalling

  • Build confidence 

  • Create regulation strategies

  • and so so so much more

>> The Discovery Program

Holiday Program:

This three-day program is offered to primary school-aged children who need help understanding their emotions and building regulation strategies. It is delivered in small groups using age-appropriate play therapy techniques. This fun and interactive program teaches children:

  • How to understand and regulate their big emotions

  • Learn positive coping strategies

  • Mindfulness and yoga

  • Working through friendship fires

  • Create anti-bullying strategies

  • Build confidence

Dates: 1 - 3 July

Cost: $240.00 per student

>>> The Holiday Program

Discovery Programs

  • Programs are run in small group settings

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