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Gender Diversity

Throughout this page, we will use ‘trans’ as an inclusive term, which embraces trans, trans*, transgender, gender nonconforming and gender variant, among others.

Trans, Non-binary and Gender counselling providing a safe space to explore feelings and strenghten relationships

Are you, or is someone in your family:

  • Struggling because you feel the way you feel inside doesn't match your body

  • Confused about where you sit in the gender spectrum

  • Distressed when navigating this world that seems to question your decisions?

Gender identity and mental health


When we don't know who we are, we constantly battle our own wants and needs and how others think we should look or behave. This can lead to feeling isolated, depressed and anxious. 

Despite all our societal advances, we can still face rejection and discrimination from our family and friends. 

Finding a safe space to work through your struggles and internal conflict could assist in bridging communication gaps with the people most important to you and creating coping strategies.


Benefits of gender identity counselling:

  • Working with a counsellor specialising in gender support means a non-judgmental and confidential environment to discuss your thoughts, feelings, worries and fears.

  • Developing coping strategies for stressful situations like discrimination.

  • Learning communication skills for navigating difficult conversations with family, colleagues, friends and partners.

  • Being supported with ‘coming out’, transitioning, and with medical interventions should you choose that route.  

  • A safe space to explore private things like relationship problems, body worries as well as non-gender-related issues. 


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