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Mental Health


Is your child still on a waiting list to see a therapist?
Then this program is for you!


The Discovery Holiday program is offering a 3-day mental health program for
children aged 6 -12! 

Group Sessions

Small groups for quality interactions.
Facilitated by healthcare professionals. 

Where & When

1 - 3 July 2024

This crash course in mental health strategies aims to teach children the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.
It helps children understand anxiety and find ways to navigate tricky situations.
We focus on friendships, how to work through a friendship fire
and discuss and create an anti-bullying strategy.


Small groups - which means there's limited availability.
Facilitated by healthcare professionals. 

Cost - $80.00 per day!
Total Program: $240.00

How to register

  • Complete the enrollment form.

  • Once your details have been received, we will contact you to secure your booking.

Get In Touch

Is your child an NDIS Participant?
"Thank you for helping out Bethany. She is getting better now with her being anxious all the time. We appreciate your help and thank you very much."

Neil Ara

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