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Raquel Zamora Martinez

Raquel Zamora Martinez

Specialist Training: 

Raquel is a counsellor at Discovery Family Therapy, specialising in working with children, teenagers, and parents. She has expertise in acceptance and commitment therapy, a form of cognitive behavioural therapy that fosters resilience and helps children cope with challenges, stress, and change.
Another therapeutic modality Raquel specializes in is play therapy, which allows children to express themselves naturally, process their emotions, and work through challenges in a safe environment. Counselling in Spanish is available.

Spanish Speaking Counsellor

My Story

My favourite thing about being a counsellor:

I feel honoured to be part of someone else’s journey. I am inspired by the courage people show when sharing their struggles with me, and I love discovering their inner strengths to help them thrive through life’s challenges.

What is unique about me as a counsellor?

I am open, compassionate and warm, making people feel comfortable sharing their stories.

What are my goals?

Fostering resilience by discovering inner strengths and helping people build lifelong skills to thrive. 

Most impressive Achievements?

While I am proud of my academic achievements, including my postgraduate degree in Psychology and master’s in counselling, my most impressive achievement is being a wife and a mother of two young boys. Also impressive is having lived in two other countries besides my country of origin, Spain. The challenges were significant however the learnings outweighed them!

One quirky fact about me?

I love cooking all types of cuisines.

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