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Terms and Conditions

Session Rates:

  • Individual Session 60 minutes: $140.00

  • Individual Session 90 minutes: $210.00

  • Children under 12 50 minutes: $140.00

  • Reporting $140.00

  • Family and Couple Counselling 60 minutes: $160.00

  • Family and Couple Counselling Extended 90 minutes $240.00

  • NDIS self-managed and plan-managed: 1 hour - $156.16

Please note that NDIA-managed plans will need to be settled in full by the client.

Counselling Approach: 
At Discovery Family Therapy, we believe that our clients have the desire and the capacity to grow towards fulfilling their true potential and that they are the experts in their lives. As such, we will not give you solutions but work with you to help you understand yourself more fully and find your own ideas and answers. We will also help you develop skills and strategies to help you make positive changes. With greater self-awareness and trust in yourself, we hope you will be able to make constructive changes, leading to a more satisfying and meaningful life. If you have needs beyond our practice scope, we will endeavour to help you identify appropriate referral options.


Payment Options:
EFTPOS or Credit card is preferred. No cash is held on the premises; if you are settling your account in cash, please ensure you have the correct amount.



Everything you share during therapy will be treated as highly confidential.  However, there are a few circumstances in which it may be required to break confidentiality.

These include:


  • If you are at risk of serious harm or seriously harming yourself or someone else

  • If your counselling records have been requested by a court of law

  • If another party or agency has requested your information, and you have agreed to provid written consent to this.

Your counsellor will take notes during or after each session to help keep track of our progress.  These notes will be stored in a private and secure location and may be viewed by you. The service will keep your counselling records for seven years from the date of your last contact with the service.


All relevant information to your counselling services, including the forms you have filled in and notes for each session, are kept. These are critical to keeping track of your progress together and for the purposes of accountability. These notes are stored in a secure location for seven (7) years. You have the right to view the records kept upon request.


Contact Between Sessions:
Email or telephone contact will only be limited to practical arrangements, such as booking or altering session times or scheduled follow-up calls. Counsellors will not enter into telephone, online or email counselling except by prior arrangement. If you are faced with an emergency between sessions, don't hesitate to contact the appropriate emergency service. In a life-threatening situation, call 000 without delay.


Reviewing progress:

Goals will be defined for counselling and continuously reviewed to ensure our clients move towards accomplishing them.
If you wish to review your progress earlier or feel that you are not yet on track, please let me know, and we can change our strategy.

We will use a range of evidence-based therapies that suit your individual needs. However, if you feel that one style of therapy is not beneficial, we can discuss this further.


Parent Sessions:

If your child is receiving therapeutic sessions, we reserve the first session as a parent session and every six weeks thereafter. Parent sessions are full-paying and can take place either face-to-face, online or telephone sessions. To ensure confidentially is not breached, parent sessions are to assist in creating supportive strategies that can be used at home and at school.

Ending Counselling:
In general, the counselling relationship ends by mutual agreement. However, you have the right to end your counselling service at any time. If you wish to cancel or change your appointment, please allow for at least 24 hours' notice prior to your appointment. If you feel that our counselling is no longer appropriate, we can discuss and suggest discontinuation or a referral to a more appropriate service.


No-Show and Cancellation Fees:

Our counsellors have scheduled their day to ensure they are available for their clients. Please note that non-attendance fees and late cancellation fees will apply. Cancellation fees are now included to discourage last-minute cancellations and non-attendance.


·Cancellations with more than 24h notice has no cancellation fee.

·Cancellations with less than 24h notice will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

·Non-Attendance: Failure to cancel your appointment will result in a 100% no-show fee

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